About Us

We are an end-directed organization with a simple goal: to accelerate the journey to a safe, effective and scalable COVID-19 vaccine.

We collaborate with outside expertise as needed.

Harry Red

Harry Red is an entrepreneur journalist. He has lived the life of an entrepreneur while also writing for the likes of The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com and elsewhere. He has a background in theoretical physics and serves on the advisory board of multiple R&D-intensive companies.

Alistair Brett

Alistair Brett has over 25 years of hands-on work in 15 countries with universities, research institutes, and national and regional governments creating innovation ecosystems. He is a senior consultant to the World Bank Group on science, technology, and innovation where he has advised on technology development and commercialization strategies. He served on the Advisory Board of the (US) Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer and holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics.

David Hokey is an immunologist/vaccinologist with over 23 years of life science research which includes 20 years of vaccine development experience. He has spent the last 13 years conducting research and managing scientists of various levels. He is a firm believer in collaboration and believes it is the key to quickly advancing research areas as well as product development. He has a proven track record of leading collaborations and research groups to successful endpoints.


Shae Morton is an experienced medical professional with a combined 21 years of diverse expertise in health care, clinical research, and business operations. She has 7 years of demonstrated history with patient recruitment and retention, and professional team building along with being a diversity advocate in clinical trials.